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ValuMarket’s World-Famous Cubano Sandwich

ValuMarket’s World-Famous Cubano Sandwich

8-10 lbs Boston Butt
5-6 cloves garlic, peeled
24 oz Conchita Mojo Criollo
1/4 cup Badia Complete Seasoning
24 oz thinly sliced ham
24 oz thinly Sliced Swiss cheese
Yellow mustard
24 dill pickles, sliced lengthwise (2 per sandwich)
6 inch Cuban bread (per sandwich)
1 tbsp vegetable oil

Place meat in deep roasting pan, fat side up. With sharp knife, poke 5-6 deep slits into the meat. Poke a clove of garlic into each hole. Pour the Mojo Criollo over the meat and sprinkle with seasoning. Cover pan tightly and refrigerate 4 hours or more. Heat oven to 350°F. Bake pork 1 hour. Reduce to 300°F and cook 3 more hours or until meat is falling apart. Turn off oven and leave pork in oven for two more hours. After meat is cooled, trim off fat and shred the pork.

On a griddle, lightly brown shredded pork. Layer ham and swiss so that it will cover bread and cook until cheese melts. Place on bottom half of bun. Put browned pork on top of the cheese (6-8 oz per sandwich), top with pickles and mustard. Close sandwich and flatten with heavy weight on the griddle to brown the bread on both sides.

Makes 12 giant sandwiches.

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